Everyone loves a festival whether it's for beer, snacks, or flowers, it really doesn't matter.

Our very own Donut Truck can create a memorable festival with a little bit of fun.




Special Events 


It's our Specialty!


Hot and fresh Mini Donuts make any celebration or event unique and unforgettable. Whether it is a

birthday party, anniversary, or even a graduation. We can take your party to the next level and give your

guests something that they will remember for a lifetime!






  Let us make your wedding a memorable and exciting experience. Having freshly made Mini Donuts at your wedding will be sure to empress your guests and have them talking about your wedding for years to come. Whether you are looking for a reception treat to refuel your dance crew or a to go bag for the ride home.  





Release Parties


Portland loves the next new thing, make it memorable by pairing it with Mini Donuts! Our donuts and coffee can compliment any new idea you may have in mind.



Just Because it's Fun



 Birthday Party * After Party * Pre-Party * Cast Party * Farewell Party * Welcome Home Party * Housewarming * Showers * Graduation * Church Function * Holiday Event * Costume Party * Block Party * Party * Bachelor/ Bachelorette Party * Corporate Party * Fundraisers * Bar/Bat Mitzvah